• Fit To Sprint

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    Fit To Sprint


    Athletics are at the root of most sports, so learning how to sprint will be a great benefit, from the everyday enthusiast to the elite performer.

    Training plans can be arranged as a 1-1, part of a group or a combination of both.
    3 month or longer plans can also be arranged.

    If you fail to plan, you may as well plan to fail

    Who knows you may even get to rub shoulders with some elite internationals.

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    • Essential training for Athletes & everyday enthusiast.
    • Great way to fight keep lean & toned and fight the fat.

    Pricing Plan

    • One to One
      £40 per hour
    • Group Session
      £7 per person
    • 3 Month Individual Plan
  • Sporting Fit

    fight, run, sprint
    Sporting Fit

    Fighting Fit

    Fighting fit means ready to Box, Kickbox or MMA and self defence.
    Whether you are thinking about getting ring ready or using this as a
    stepping stone to bigger and better things.
    As an ex International full contact kickboxer, I can create different
    programs that will test you to your limits, give you strength & confidence
    and more.

    Run Fit

    With so many run challenges waiting for you out there, serious or fun, It
    can be easy to get carried away and think you can just turn up and run.
    There ia a lot to think of, eg the right trainers,clothing and equipment in
    addition to planning what’s right for you. Contact us to help you prepare.

    Speed, Agility & Quickness

    Improve your Speed, agility & quickness to help any sport: Change
    direction safely at speed, Stay balanced to execute. Be quick to and be
    the first to react. This type of training will give you the advantage you
    seek, in order to succeed in the game!


    • Great ways to fight
      the fat.
    • Improve your

    Pricing Plan

    • One-to-One
      From £40 ph
    • Duo train (advance bookings). Workout with a mate or partner.
      From £20 each
    • Or organise a bespoke
      group price for 3 or more
      Short or long term goal plans
  • Athletic Fit

    run, jump, throw
    Athletic Fit


    Would you like to Jump like Greg Rutherford, flopping over a high jump bar like Robbie Grabarz or whizzing a Discus through the air? There is more to athletics than track!
    The Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius, (latin for Faster, Higher, Stronger) describes attributes needed for all the athletic disciplines.
    As a UKA qualified coach, I can provide opportunities for you to be coached in any athletic discipline as I work with coaches from across all the Running, jumping and throwing events.
    Training plans can be arranged as a 1-1, part of a group or a combination of both.
    3 month or longer plans can also be arranged.
    If you fail to plan, you may as well plan to fail
    Who knows you may even get to rub shoulders with some elite internationals.


    • Essential training for Athletes & everyday enthusiast.
    •  Learning different athletic elements are great ways to get fit and stay fit.

    Pricing Plan

    • 1-1 from £35 pr hour
    •  Group session £7 per person in advance
    • 3 month bespoke individual plans from £525

    Athletic Credentials

    Our coaches are based at Millenium arena, Battersea park in south london. Coaching acan also be done at the Sutton arena too. The arena is the track base for Belgrave harriers, one of the premier athletic clubs in the country. Belgrave club headquarters and gym are based in Wimbledon and is also the prime location for personal training. We work with athletes from grass roots to senior club level, weekend warriors and those from the everyday arena.
    We also work on a regular basis with BVI (Blind & visually impaired athletes from B1-B4 grade), working with organisations such as Metro blind sport, Polkington trust and Run England/England athletics.

  • Balanced Fitness

    cardiovascular fitness
    Balanced Fitness


    Before stepping up to a serious training regime, or in fact if you are new to fitness  &  training, it makes sense to check where you are now- bio-mechanically. Is your body balanced or hiding a potential injury?

    Many of us may have injuries waiting to happen, pre-hab ( the description of injury prevention) is the intelligent way to look at ourselves, Think of preparing your body in as balanced a way as possible.

    Having a bio-mechanic screen , could save you a lot in time, heart ache and physio costs. The aim is to reduce the chance of potential injury and build a balanced physical foundation to enhance your fitness.

    The aim is to identify your Performance continium ( a scale from  illness to wellness) and make adjustments to balance your body over 3 phases.


    • Reduce chance of injury
    • Build a strong foundation for your body
    • Aid future performance & health

    Pricing Plan

    • Screening consultation from £60 per session
    • Post screening sessions £40
    • Three stage (3 month plans) from £300
  • Personal Training

    personal fitness
    Personal Training


    Personal training is just that ‘Personal’. What ‘you’ want or would benefit from for your own needs.
    Whether you want to build strength, muscle, tone up, lose weight , improve your functional training , make improvements to your general fitness or train for a sport or event contact me for a consultation.
    Being Reps registered (Register of exercise professionals) also means that I have taken the trouble to stay up to date and current with continued professional development.
    Gym sessions are held at a great gym space in Wimbledon Village SW london,Belgrave Gym’. Check out the link to view. ‘Anytime’ membership can be arranged, so you can continue your training in between PT sessions in your own time frame early/noon or night. Wimbledon common is less than a few minutes jog away also.


    • A variety of ways to work out
    • Improve strength, Cardio fitness
    • Options to train at home/outdoors/gym
    • Gym membership to train when you want to.

    Pricing Plan

    • One-One
      From £40
    • Gym Space Sessions
      From £40
    • Group Training
      £10 per head
    • Specialist Programs
  • Nutritionally Fit

    eat balanced, eat right
    Nutritionally Fit


    Getting yourself fit is not only about the physical side. Nutritionally & mentally you have to be balanced your approach. It really is not about a restrictive diet!
    Diets should mean, your daily regular intake, not the latest fad that some ‘Celebrity’ has followed targeting some ‘wonderous’ new food or removing all of one food group out of their regular eating habits. This is ultimately setting you up for failure. Variety and balance are what’s needed.
    Whatever your fitness goal, you have to include control of your nutrition. My main nutritional tool is my ‘Rebalance guide’ ©. This comprehensive guide is well worth a look.. If Supplements are your thing, I have compiled a list to help with all training goals

    Food For Sport?

    When supporting your sporting needs, you need to think of your food as fuel. How much, when and what to eat, depends on your training program.Don’t forget as an athlete, you need to train hard and therefore your needs will be based on supporting your training and performance needs.
    POA for these consultations so please contact us stating your performance goals.


    • Eat right for your needs
    • Understand how to balance your meals

    Pricing Plan

    • One to One Consultations
      From £60
    • Rebalance e-guide
    • Other plans
  • Group Fit

    bootcamps, classes, sessions & group challenges
    Group Fit


    Group fitness has always been a great motivating way to meet fitness needs, whether you have an individual goal or have join up with a group to meet a challenge. This can be something straightforward such as having a ‘buddy’ to workout with, up to a corporate challenge.

    I have worked with all levels, examples such as an athletic club sprint squad, group of friends doing an event for charity or a corporate or school sports day. A group of clients trained over a 6 month period to do a very special series of 3 challenging runs in 3 months (Brighton half marathon Feb,kingston 20km run March, London Marathon April). Massive achievement, but without a ‘team’ ethic & focus it’s questionable they would have done it on their own, and raise thousands of pound for charity!


    • A variety different exercises.
    • Park based sessions, use natural obstacles to challenge you.
    • Strength, Cardio & Core fitness addressed.
    • Motivational, inventive & fun

    Pricing Plan

    • Group training from £15 for a pair to £8 pr head small group.
    • Group gym circuit class from £10 per head.
    • Bootcamps – 3-5 half days mornings, Weekends & residential, dates & prices for 2014 TBC POA

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