Sprinting Training, Techniques And Improving Performance.

A huge amount of time, planning and preparation goes into creating a world-class sprinter”. This book gathers a great amount of information and presents it in a way that is easy to understand for the athlete, novice or sports and fitness minded individual for whom improved performance with speed is important.

An in-depth sports guide where the author ‘speaks’ to the reader, as if a coach to his athlete. At last a book, that will bridge the gap between the novice and the elite. Covers all you need from training kit to biomechanics with some great photo guidance & foreword by Daley Thompson CBE!

Check out the ‘Sprint-fit’ workout in chapter 14! 

Price: £14.99

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The Rebalance guide -Nutritionally Fit

Your ‘Diet’ is what you eat ‘all’ of the time, not a short term period or different fads that claim to do it all for everyone, for short periods of time. The ‘marketing’ world has caused us to think Diets are a brief encounter! No, ‘Diet’ is all the food you consume to live & breathe and yet we treat it as a consumer toy. Your ‘Diet’ will give you the best chance to aid health, fight illness & support your body for the challenges that everyday life brings. I hope you find this guide a great help in supporting you achieve success in fitness, health & more.

Although the only absolute true way to fully customize what would be the perfect solution is to spend thousands of pounds to have a full physiological metabolic screening, Blood, bone, urine, vascular & muscular, mental tests, this is a broad recognition of 3 main types (there are many sub levels & mixtures of ‘types’ metabolic & physical that you will be further identified as of yet I haven’t met anyone who has the time & funds to pursue, let alone find a set up or location where & how all this can be done effectively.

Price: £5.99

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